Church of St. Richard
of Chichester
Barnesville, PA

Holy Day Mass Schedule

Mass Schedule



Tuesday @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday @ 8:00 am

Thursday @ 8:00 am

Friday  @ 8:00 am


Saturday @ 4:00 pm

Sunday @ 8:30 am and 10:30 am


Saturdays @ 3:30 pm  

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About Saint Richard

 Saint Richard of Chichester was born in 1197 in a little town a few miles from Worcester, England. He and his elder brother were left orphans while still young and his brother was imprisoned as a result of their property’s unpaid debts. Richard gave up the studies which more 

Parish History


 St. Richard's Parish was established in 1946 as the Mission Church by Father Joseph McCaffrey of St. Canicus, Mahanoy City, PA.  Services were held in Ryan Twp Fire Company, Lakewood ballroom and the Lakewood Tennis club building.  In October 1950 Cardinal Dougherty established the Mission as a full-fledged parish under the direction of Fr. Edwin more. 

Calendar of Events